Youth and volunteerism

Young people are one of the most important groups in mission and work of the Preporod. We appreciate their originality, ideas and their perspective of looking at the world, but also, we are struggling for their health and for life, based on right values.

Therefore, we invite all young people who feel that they have capacity to participate in the work of the Preporod, to contact us (on We hope that through their volunteer work, we will fulfill all common goals, in first row, healthier and safer society.

Also, Preporod provides online counseling service, for all young people who are interested in any segment of the problem of addictions. Ask questions by filling the form below.


Ask us


Q:I often consume marijuana. So, what do you suggest me in order to reduce the consumption of marijuana? (Anonymous person, Niksic)

A: Dear, First of all, we are glad that you felt the need to contact us and to use our knowledge and experience, in order to solve the problem you are in. As we do not support the division on light and heavy drugs, and every use of a psychoactive substances consider as a floundering with serious illness, we advise you not to think about reducing abuses, but to its total discontinuation. We would be pleased to welcome you to our offices (Gojka Garcevica bb, at the first floor of the bus station Niksic or by calling on free phone line 0800 81400), in order to discuss in more detail, about consequences of continuous consumption of marijuana. We advise you to direct your energy, creativity and attention to something that can bring you peace, freedom and progress in perspective.

Q:  Hi, my name is Maria. My problem is not consuming drugs, because I'm not doing it. The problem is that somehow I do not have the courage to give my opinion in society. I am silent and I accept whatever others say. It's affraid that in future I can get involved in some dangerous things. I ask for advice. (Marija, Niksic)

A: Hello to you Maria. We are glad that you felt that we can help and appreciate your desire to work on you. The problem you are facing is very common for your generation. We realize that you want to be a part of the group and that you are worried about how others would react to your attitudes and possible negligence. It's good, that you recognize that you can get in troubles with such behavior. Also, it's not good to 'hide' from life and to go with a line of lesser resistance. Your confidence must be higher because we are sure that you have enough capacity to show how much you are worth. After all, peers will appreciate you even more, if you are on your own, positive and creative. Time passes quickly, do not let that fear of others' expectations shape your present and future. Fight for yourself, build your attitudes and show it freely to others, because this is one of the values ​​that we are fighting for, throughout all our lives. We convinced that everything we think and we want to tell you about your situation, can not be summarized in these few lines, please contact us, in order to organize a meeting with you and talk about everything, in much more details. Please note, that you can invite us on our free telephone info line 0800 81 400. Finally, if you wish and think that it would be precious, you can visit us with parents, some of your friends, or anyone who has an insight into your situation. Of course, the decision about, bring independently. You are WELCOME.

Q: Hello to everyone. I have a problem where you can help me. I'm hanging out with my best friends since 1st class of elementary school and we've learned to do all the things together. When we go on some parties, we drink alcohol more than it is ok, but that's not a main problem. The problem is that our frequent topic is potential consuming of marijuana. I do not want to do it, and I'm afraid that with my rejection, I will betray them. So far, we've been doing some bad things together, so I'm confused what to do. (Anonimous person, Niksic)

A: Hello for you. Before we give a concrete answer on your question, we want to praise you because you recognize the need for contacting us and to contribute on that way to your personal development. We understand that your position is very specific and at the same time you want to protect yourself and save your friends. We consider that you should maintain this attitude regarding the consumption of psychoactive substances, because a large number of addicts is evidence that experimenting with drugs often has an unwanted outcome. Also, we want to tell you that even your regular alcohol consumption is not harmless at all, as you think. Although your position does not seem easy, we think that you can be usefull factor in whole story. Your energy and attitude would help you to influence on your friends to stop thinking about possible drugs consumption. You can do it at the moments when you are together, and when you are alone with some of them. If you want to talk in more details, you can call us by free telephone line 0800 81 400. We warmly welcome you!

Free phone line: 0800 81 400