Services which we provide

Substance Abuse Community Counselling Centre

One of the basic aims in mission of Preporod is direct help to addicts and their families, which we realize through several services, with experiential and professional character:

  • Motivation for acceptance of long term stationary treatment in communes and therapeutic communities;
  • Counseling for addicts who are at the same time perpetrators of criminal offenses;
  • Counseling for parents of addicts and other family members;
  • Counseling for addicts with infectious diseases, such as HCV and HIV;
  • Counseling for addicts of alcohol and nicotine;
  • Counseling for Internet and gambling addicts;
  • Psychological treatment for all addictive structures and members of their families;
  • Psychological support for children from addicted parents (marriages);
  • Support groups for active addicts of psychoactive substances;
  • Free telephone info line - 0800 81 400;
  • Other programs aimed at reducing the consequences of PAS misuse, through cooperation with institutions which treat this problem form different aspects.

Free phone line: 0800 81 400