Services which we provide

Resocialization and reintegration

Problem with addiction is not completed after returning from stationary treatment such as communes, therapeutic communities, etc. That is evidenced by the fact that a significant number of people after a while, return to addiction and the bad story starts from the beginning. We are convinced that resocialization is a precondition for total freedom and independent life and work. In Preporod, we realize resocialization process through:

  • Monitoring and support of returnees from the treatment (communes, therapeutic communities, prisons, hospital treatment, social protection institutions, etc.);
  • Individual and group, experiential and expert counseling for those who have successfully completed rehabilitation programs;
  • Groups of support, with moto: "I live on values that gave me freedom";
  • Assistance in building of personal independence in the social, economic and spiritual sense;
  • Work on improving education and references for work;
  • Help in employment process;
  • Spending together spare time;

Free phone line: 0800 81 400