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Process of Preporod

Preporod is recognized throughout the whole Montenegro by fact that provides free, long-term stationary treatment, for all addictive structures in therapeutic communities and communes along Europe. As in Montenegro still doesn't exist conditions for long-standing, stationary (and also free) treatment of women addicts (especially for those with children), it is important to note that this right, women addicts can achieve through intermediation of Preporod. Addicted population consider that treatment in therapeutic communities and communes is the most difficult and the most demanding type of problem solving, for which the shelters must be highly motivated. Usually, this type of treatment, choose people who have already tried all other, more comfortable options. The abstinence achieved by more comfortable methods is more difficult to sustain and it is often followed by recidives. When such methods do not produce results, addicts often, just on that level come to Preporod. Our statistics and experience, show that people who are not enough motivated to accept this type of long-term stationary treatment, or have a wrong motivation to accept it, has low possibility to get recovery. In that sense, crucial importance is that reception in the community is preceded by more intensive motivational counseling. About that, the role of the Preporod is decisive, due to the fact that in Montenegro, Preporod was the first motivational counseling for this kind of treatment. During time, it became very clear to all who seriously deal with this issue in Montenegro, that without a detailed motivation, no one should expect a more permanent and more serious result. When addicted people go through the process of motivation and voluntarily accept treatment, next step is process of choosing the commune in which the will be conducted stationary treatment.

During whole stationary treatment, in Preporod works parallel counseling center for parents and other family members of the addicts, in order to introduce themselves to the treatment process and educate them about the methods of communication with the addicts in rehabilitation, during various periods of treatment. As rehabilitation process is not rounded up, if it is not followed by adequate resocialization, in Preporod exist section for re-socialization and acceptance of people, after completion of the their rehabilitation process in therapeutic communities and communes. Inside that service, we offer to rehabilitated people possibility of group and individual, experiential and professional counseling, work in increasing knowledge of foreign language and computers, support in the treatment of Hepatitis or HIV, jointly conducted leisure time, facilitation of contacts with potential employers, joint family counseling, and job engagement within the Preporod every day work. Also, it is relevant to point out that in Preporod, also exist counseling service for addicts who are at the same time perpetrators of criminal offenses, in cooperation with the institutions of the system. Since 2012., Preporod has had an info telephone line for addicts in Montenegro (0800 81 400), which is free, for all calls, from all fixed and mobile networks in Montenegro. With free phone line, we rounds up the spectrum of FREE SERVICES needed for someone, in order to solve addiction forever. It may be true that this is the most demanding form of treatment, but also, in proportion its difficulty, the most effective. If the process of rebirth is not clear enough, please contact us for additional information.

Free phone line: 0800 81 400