The Preporod Process

    What Preporod is known for in the whole of Montenegro is the fact that it provides for the whole addict structure long-term residential (free) treatment, in therapeutic communities and communes, across Europe. Since in Montenegro the conditions do not yet exist for long-term residential (free) treatment of female addicts, let alone female addicts with children, it is very important at this point to mention that these same female addicts (with or without children) can be catered for through Preporod.

    Treatment in therapeutic communities and communes and among the addict population, as well as outside it, is considered the most difficult and most challenging way of solving this problem, for which those undergoing it must be exceptionally motivated, Usually this type of treatment is sought by individuals who have already tried all other more comfortable options, in which abstinence is reached more easily, but where the abstinence reached is harder to keep to and is often followed by a relapse. When these do not provide results, most often the addicts only then come to Preporod.

    Experience, also borne out by statistics, shows that with individuals who are not motivated enough to accept this type of long-term residential treatment, or who have wrong motives for accpeting it, the probability of being cured is very slight, if it exists at all.

    For this reason, it is of enormous significance that acceptance into a commune is preceded by intensive motivational counselling. Here, Preporod has a key role, because of the fact that in Montenegro for now there is only one counselling centre for this type of treatment. Thankfully, today it is clear to all who deal with this problem in Montenegro that without detailed built-up motivation, long-term and serious results cannot be expected. As we were starting up this work, people began to say that we should in a systemic way build up motivation for acceptance for treatment, somehow that sounded to their ears absolutely essential. However, over time, we have really managed to help the population itself, experts and other colleagues to see that this is a very necessary part of the treatment.

    When we motivate and prepare an individual to accept treatment, the process of choosing a commune in which residential treatment will take place follows.

    During the entire period of residential treatment, in Preporod there is a parallel process of counselling for parents, who are familiarised with the process of treatment and are taught about the ways of communicating with their children, in various periods of the treatment.

    Since the process of rehabilitation is not finished unless sufficient resocialisation follows, in Preporod we have formed a section for resocialisation and acceptance of people, after the end of the process of rehabilitation in therapeutic communities and communes. Here, people who have successfully completed the residential part are offered the opportunity of group and individual, experienced and expert counselling, schooling such as foreign language courses and computer training, support in the treatment of hepatitis and HIV, time spent together with other, facilitation of contact with possible employers, family counselling, right through to engagement to work in Preporod itself.

    Also it is important to add that in Preporod, in cooperation with system institutions, there is counselling also for addicts who have at the same time committed crimes.

    Since 2012 there has been a free telephone line at Preporod for addicts in Montenegro (0800 81 400) which is free for calls from all fixed and mobile networks in Montenegro, and concludes the whole spectrum of FREE services which are essential for someone to solve his problem with addiction, for good.

    Finally, while it may be true that it is the most challenging type of treatment, it would not be right to not mention the detail that in proportion to its demandingness, it is effective.

    Dear reader, the period of a year and a half to two years, which the whole process takes, is very difficult to compress into a couple of pages, so if anything remains unclear, please contact us further so that we can explain things as much as is possible.


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