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Primary prevention

Primary prevention and education include programs for informing the general public about addictions, in all its phases, with specific attention to the adolescent population. This part of Preporod work is consisted by following activities:

  • Organization of educational lectures and workshops for students and all members of school system;
  • Informing the public about different types of addiction through public discussions, round tables, media presentations and other similar activities;
  • Accenting on severe consequences of drug abuse and other PAS;
  • Awareness rising of the entire public about the problem of drugs abuse and other psychoactive substances;
  • Joint actions in promoting healthy lifestyles, with system institutions (Local offices for primary prevention, Police Directorate of Montenegro, etc.), other relevant organizations, media, etc.

The basis for the activities in the field of primary prevention is relevant preventive program ``UNPLUGGED-IMAM STAV``. Preporod is, first and only organization in Montenegro that is licensed to implement this (but also any other) standardized, preventive program, which represent an example of successfull practice in Europe and world.

The program was created on the territory of the EU, within the EU-DAP project, and Preporod introduced it into the preventive practice of Montenegro through the project "Anti Dop Ambassadors beyond borders". You can find out more about the Preporod activities in the field of primary prevention at:

Free phone line: 0800 81 400