About Us

    The association Preporod is a non-governmental organisation registered by a decision of the Ministry of Justice of the Montenegrin government in 2006 on the World Day of the Fight Against Drugs, registered no. 02-3254/06. The aim of the organisation is to help individuals who have a problem with addiction, their families, those returning from treatment, as well as all who want to hear about drugs and how to resist them. It is active throughout Montenegro. given the fact that it is the first organisation in Montenegro to offer concrete help outside the system to addicts and their families, this organisation is considered an initiator of extra-institutional treatment of addiction in Montenegro.

    As at the time Preporod was established, there were no conditions in Montenegro for long-term residential (let alone) free treatment of addicts, our primary mission was to motivate and mentally prepare addicted individuals to accept this type of treatment. At that time, we were pretty much an innovation in the area of Montenegro, for at least two reasons: we began to direct individuals to communes, which had been until then almost unheard of in Montenegro; and this work was done by someone who had been an addict in their past.

    The main weapon in Preporod's work is experienced counselling. This means that people who have already successfully undergone treatment and solved their problem make their experience available to others, new men and women, and point out to them things that need to be dealt with. There were difficulties and disbelief when Preporod started in this work, because we were the first in Montenegro to begin in such a way that people who had previously been in this problem help those who were currently still there. But time has yielded results, and the disbelief has gone away. We have succeeded in seeing men and women with the problem of addiction accept advice and suggestions from Preporod, and go for treatment. Some of them who have used the time spent in rehabilitation and kept the values they picked up there, are today actively involved in Preporod, and are a testimony to others that there is a way out of addiction.

    Whether we want it or not, given that we are the oldest organisation in Montenegro that uses the experiences of those who have conquered addiction to help others, we have become a benchmark for other organisations that have appeared since Preporod, and that have also begun to base their work on personal experience. Some of them, helped by advice from Preporod, today have their own place in helping addicts. The title of initiator of extra-institutional and experience-based treatment in Montenegro remains an honour and obligation for all time. Bearing in mind the fact that, in abstinence maturity develops as well, this longest term of “experience” has put us in the position of “older brother”, because just as the one who has been abstinent for five years sees more than one with three years of abstinence, we are continually open to support of this kind, and consider it very valuable.

    Today we are enjoying the fruits of our work, because there is nothing better than when you see that someone, who one day came to your office completely destroyed, has heeded all the advice and hints which he has received, has solved his problem in the way we expected, and now he is a healthy and valued member of society. Also, you see a complete family that had been totally ruined, saved. Society as a whole gains, because from someone who was addicted, probably prone to various types of criminal acts, you get a healthy individual who can even be of service to someone who still has problems with drugs.

    We consider as “allies” all those who in any way influence the quality solving of the problem of addiction.

    Preporod is a member of international networks and organisations that deal with the problem of abuse of psychoactive substances, such as the World Federation Against Drugs (WFAD) and Europe Against Drugs (EURAD). Within EURAD last year the Recovered Users Network (RUN), of which Preporod is the representative for Montenegro, was launched. It is also one of the founders of the informal Balkan union against addiction, made up of organisations from the former Yugoslavia.

    It is our desire to reach as many people as possible who need help and who we can serve to “prepare the way” to come to a lasting resolution of their problems.


    office phone: +382 (0) 40 213 043
    freephone line: 0800 81400
    out of hours: +382 (0) 67 423 995
    e-mail: preporod@t-com.me
    web: www.preporod.me
    Gojka Garčevića bb,
    81400 Nikšić, Montenegro
    twitter: @NVOPreporod
    facebook: nvo.preporod