About us

Preporod is a non-governmental organization registered on June 26, 2006, (on World Anti-Drugs Day), by the decision of the Ministry of Justice of the Government of the Republic of Montenegro, No. 02-3254/06. Main goal of the organization is to help people with addiction problems, members of their families, returnees from rehabilitation treatment, and anyone who wants to hear more about addictions and how to resist them. Preporod works on territory of whole Montenegro. According to fact that Preporod was the first organization in Montenegro (outside the institutions of the system) which began providing concrete assistance to addicts and their families, it is considered as initiator of the non-institutional treatment of addictions in Montenegro. As at the time of establishment of Preporod, in Montenegro were no conditions for a long-standing, stationary (and also free) treatment of addicts, our primary mission was to motivate addicts to accept this type of treatment. In that time, we were quite innovative for the territory of Montenegro, because of two reasons: we started to send people to the communes, which almost unknown in Montenegro, and all of that job was done by someone who was addicted in past.

Main ''weapon'' in the work of Preporod is experiential counseling. That means that people who have already passed treatment and solved addiction successfully, make their experience available to others, new boys and girls, and direct them to circumstances which hvae to be treated. There were some difficulties and disbeliefs at beginnings, because we were the first in Montenegro with component of experiental counceling.

Time brought results, and that destroyed all disbeliefs. We succeeded that guys and girls with addiction accept advices and suggestions from Preporod and go to longterm treatment. Some of them, who used time spent on rehabilitation on the most adequate way and retained the values gained there, are now active in Preporod and testify to other people that there is a way out of addiction.

Whether we wanted that or not, we are the oldest organization from Montenegro which helps to others and uses experiences of people who have won problem with addiction. So, we have become a benchmark for organizations that have founded after Preporod, which are also based on experiential counseling. Some of them, assisted by the advices from Preporod, now have their significant place in helping the addicts. Title of the initiator of the extrainstitutional and experiential treatment of drugs addiction in Montenegro remains the honor and obligation for all time.

Bearing in mind the fact, that abstinence is also time for growing and maturing, the longest intership in experiental counselling has put us in the role of "older brother", so we are continuously open to the support of this type, and we consider it very precious. Today we enjoy the benefits of our work, because there is nothing better than situation, when you meet a person who came to your office one day, completely destroyed, with a lot of problems, but he/she has followed all the guidelines and advices that has received, and solved problem in the way we are expected, and now, that is a healthy and valuable member of society. In that example, you can also see the saved whole family, which was definitely ruined in past. On that way, the whole society is made success, because, from someone who was addicted, probably inclined to commit various crimes, you get a healthy person who even can serve to other addicted people. On our road, we consider as partners all those who in any way influence on problem of addiction to be dealt with quality.Preporod is a member of many international networks and organizations which deal with the problem of the abuse of psychoactive substances, such as the World Federation Against Drugs WFAD and Europe Against Drugs EURAD. Within the EURAD, it has been launched the Recovered Users Network (RUN), and Preporod is a representative of Montenegro. Preporod is also one of the founders of the informal Balkan Union Against Addiction, formed by organizations from the ex YU area. In the domain of primary prevention, Preporod is the only organization form Montenegro that is licensed to use the standardized primary prevention programme – Unplugged.

Free phone line: 0800 81 400